Escaping the Application Blackhole with Paige Niedringhaus - She's in Tech 24


December 21st, 2021

44 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

Want to know what it takes to land that first job out of coding bootcamp? In fact, what’s the difference between bootcamp and a traditional degree, anyway? In this episode, Lindsey and Susan sit down with Paige Niedringhaus, a software developer who’s learned a thing or two about finding success in tech. The ladies discuss why Paige’s career took a sharp left, how she landed her first job despite the odds, and why the future of women in tech is brighter than ever.

“The true way to know if you’ve learned something is to try to write about it or teach it to someone else.”

  • Paige Niedringhaus

In This Episode:
The ONE THING that helped Paige cut through the noise and get her first job against the “application black hole”
The #1 misconception about coding bootcamps and finding a job in tech
Why knowledge and technical skill are only PARTS of the picture in finding success in tech
What “FANG companies” are looking for on your resume AND during the interview
And so much more!

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